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In a rapidly changing world, the benefits of cloud computing go beyond efficiency, storage capacity and computing power. It’s an entirely new way of thinking and operating across any IT environment. Fully utilizing the AWS cloud drives innovation and delivers value to your consumers. We bring a breadth of technical expertise and cloud migration experience to every project, and we are ready to help you achieve your AWS goals.



As organizations more frequently adopt cloud-based solutions it dramatically changes the world of enterprise IT. AWS’ pay-as-you-go method allows your business to adapt as needed and reduce the need to invest large capital. Estimate your cost savings with one of our AWS certified TCO experts. We work with you to compare the cost of your applications in an on-premises or traditional hosting environment to AWS.


The foundation of cloud computing – agility, mobility, flexibility, and security - unlocks real value in your business. The process of becoming "on-demand" has significant benefits for both large and small enterprises by boosting operational efficiency and driving the endless possibilities for the organization.

Improved Performance

Improved Performance

Support the most demanding workloads without hardware refreshes through provisioning the compute, storage, and memory.



A new way for your business to effectively respond and adapt its growing or diminishing needs. Set conditions that automatically scale your capacity up or down to maintain availability and optimal resource use.

Same Tools


AWS provides a truly consistent experience that leverages existing virtual machine images and management software like Microsoft System Center to provide functionality across-premises.


Global Availability

Access a broad set of cloud-based products and high performance IT infrastructure.


Secure Data

AWS is designed to safeguard your critical information. A set of best practices, 256-bit encryption, virtual isolation, and access controls work in synch to harden AWS’ infrastructure and secure data as your business grows.


Reduce Cost of Data Center

Shift your IT spending to a pay-as-you-go model, similar to utility billing. Pay for what you use and only when you use it.

What We Do

Our breadth of experience and technical know-how helps enterprises maximize value from AWS. No matter where you are on your cloud journey we can lift and shift to cloud-based solutions to harness the power of your business.

  • Enterprise Network Planning using AWS
  • AWS Cloud and Hybrid Solution Planning and Migration
  • Deploy Applications to the AWS Cloud
  • Open Source Product Development and Deployment on AWS

AWS Migration Plan

  • Approach and TCO Analysis
  • Tooling Selection (e.g. CloudFormation or Terraform)
  • Risk & Compliance Analysis
  • Migration Sequencing
  • Functional & Performance Testing
  • Rollback Planning
  • Training and Sustainment Planning

The Modus Way

Our methodology balances strategy and expertise, quickly identifying opportunities and implementing powerful solutions. We work alongside your team to get a comprehensive understanding of your business, define strategy and develop cloud roadmap. Together we will change the way your enterprise thinks and works.


  • Explore

    Through in-person workshops and interviews, our experts create a custom-tailored roadmap for AWS migration.

  • Design

    Guide your team through building a reference architecture for your product, helping you build a proof of concept showing the architecture in action.

  • Migrate

    Implement the right cloud adoption strategy so you can focus on moving your business forward. Modus allows you to migrate with confidence.

  • Transform on AWS

    Leverage cloud capabilities to drive innovation and unleash the real value of your enterprise.



Modernizing Commercial Real Estate

AWS Story


To support faster innovation and scalability, a leading real estate company wanted to overhaul their existing engineering practices and modernize their IT infrastructures and microservices architecture.


  • Distributed agile delivery practices to increase development velocity and reliable software releases cycles
  • Migrated of source code into GitHub Enterprise and mature release processes
  • Implemented AWS services to support scalable cloud-based infrastructure using Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, and AWS CodeDeploy
  • Implemented EC2, RDS, VPC, and WAF amongst other services

About Modus

Modus Create accelerates digital transformation with consulting and product development services. No matter where you are in your journey or where you’re looking to go, our research-driven approach and startup mindset will help you get there faster.